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Rightsizing or Downsizing

Do you fit in your home? If your answer is no, then you have two real options: Make a plan to Rightsize or Downsize. What’s the difference? Downsizing implies that you are moving, while Rightsizing refers to making your current home fit your current lifestyle and you...

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Let Your Lights Shine!

Stock photo courtesy of Learn when you should change the lighting in a home with Diversa DesignsREALTORS® often ask “Is it really necessary to change the lighting in a home when preparing a home for sale?”While I cannot guarantee a...

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Take Advantage of Yard Space

The fastest-growing segment of the home furnishings industry is all about extending your living space outdoors. Why does this matter to you? Because it’s also trending in home staging. Aside from providing additional room you wouldn’t otherwise have,...

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With a serious love for homes, design and decorating, Rachel is a certified Staging Professional whose background in Visual Display and a Business Managment Professional with a passion for world travel is a huge asset to her clients when both decorating for living or staging a property for sale.