Sell your home faster and for what it’s worth with our furniture rental services!

Our furniture rental services can add beautiful accents to your home’s décor, right where you need it.  Alternatively, we can fill your vacant home with stylish treasures, giving it that new show-home look. Never leave a home empty and without feeling. Whether we admit it or not, our decision to buy a home is based on emotion and a dream lifestyle. Home buyers are looking for a place where they can make memories with family and friends. An empty home makes a space look smaller and flaws stand out against the blank canvas. It can be difficult for potential buyers to envision their dream life in such a space. Over 75% of properties sell faster when furnished. That’s why we offer furniture rentals to all of our clients. We have all the accessories and furniture you need. 

Does every room in a home have to be staged? NO! However, staging the main living areas and a bedroom or two has a large impact and the photos with these rooms staged will improve your online presence. 

Accessory or Furniture Rental Service 

Creating a perceived lifestyle that potential buyers are looking for can be done in any home and at any price point. Giving your property a fresh new look using our unique accessories, art or furniture may be all that it needs to stand out in the market. At Diversa Designs we keep all of our accessories and furniture rentals on trend. 

Vacant or Occupied Home Staging Packages

Customized Staging Packages can include personalized layouts for main living areas, or the entire home.