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We are a Calgary based Home Staging company

Today marks the first day of our company blog. It is something I have been planning for a few months now with the launch of our new revised website. I hope you take a moment to bookmark and join us again and again over the months. I will be sharing design tips, ideas for your home and more….inspiration for your own décor challenges.

Entrenched in the design and real estate world, many of the things I will share will be to increase the value of your home when selling. If you are thinking of selling in the next 12 months or need help pulling your design ideas together; from choosing a colour palette for your wall, cabinetry, flooring or selecting furniture, accessories and more…we are here for you! Head to our contact page and write us about your project and expectations!

Please explore our website and visit our services page to find the right service for you and your home! Let me help you achieve your home goals and get most of your current furniture.

I invite you to visit our testimonial’s page and read how we have help people save their homes, love their home and start in a new home. You will be amazed on how we have changed our clients lives and how a small visit to your home will allow you to get most of it.

Do you need help shopping for new furniture? Head to our Interior styling page and you will learn how I can support you in this overwhelming task. Being a color expert we will pick and choose what is best for your home and your style.

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