Residential transitions can be stressful for
both you and your family. Whether you
are remodeling to live independently in
your current home, relocating to a new
home, or deciding what possessions to let
go, keep or hand down, the process can be

Diversa Designs’ team of Certified Residential
Transition Specialists can make remodeling
your existing home, or a transition to a new
home easier for you.  We offer stress-free
solutions and adaptable residential design to
help you age safely and happily in your current
or new home. Together, we work with you, your
family (if desired), and a team of experts to find
the right solutions to empower you to take charge
of where and how you live.


Choose from our services below:

    • Assessing the safety of your home using Universal Design principles
    • Decorating, redesigning, remodeling or repurposing spaces within your current or new home, including: designing floor plans, functional upgrades, paint selections, and/or purchasing new furniture, art or accessories to compliment your own treasures
    • Guiding the process of deciding what to keep, sell or donate, ensuring you get full enjoyment from the items you value most
    • Set-up of easy and sustainable home organization systems
    • Organizing a valuables appraisal or estate sale
    • Arranging short or long-term storage
    • Staging your existing home to impress buyers with a move-in ready look
    • Dealing with repairs and upgrades prior to listing your home on the market
    • Packing up your current home, and unpacking and settling into your new home
    • Designing a beautiful layout for your new residence that promotes wellness, safety, comfort, function and most importantly, feels like home 
    • And more….

After completing my training in Residential Transitional Specialist, with CSP International as well as Diversa Designs Home Staging and Redesign Inc., I am extremely excited to be certified.  I can now offer my clients another layer of service as a Residential Transitional Specialist in addition to the other services that I offer at OutFront Design. The class was meticulous with different learning techniques to help us build our confidence when working with our clients. I especially appreciate Rachel testing our skills, especially working in Design Files. Residential Transitional specialist class was a great learning experience and I highly recommend taking it with Rachel Borrelli.

-Betty Moyler

I highly recommended the “Residential Transition Specialist” course with Rachel Borrelli & Christine Rae.  The content is informative, well constructed and valuable. 

I was able to secure a client after the second week!  The Lifestyle Assessment positioned me as an Experienced Professional.  “The Process” I learned in class was easy to follow and implement.  Well worth the time and investment.

– Sylvie Bigaouette, CCSP, CLIPP

The Residential Transition Specialist training exceeded my expectations. You know the saying “You don’t know what you don’t know”, well, wow, I had no idea how much I didn’t know about helping the senior population. Rachel was thorough and shared her immense experience with ease, always leaving enough time for questions and class participation. Her passion for making sure we had the education, materials and understanding we needed to start helping clients right away was evident. I now feel so much more equipped and confident in my ability to help seniors age in place/rightsize in a way that feels truly meaningful. Thank you Christine and Rachel!

– Shelly Chatterelli

Rachel, thank you so much for such a great learning experience! I really enjoyed taking the ‘Residential Transition Specialist’ class from CSP!  You do a great job of creating materials that are easy to use and you deliver the class in a very thoughtful way!  The assignments helped me create practical materials that I can use in my own business.  This class pushed me out of my comfort zone, which made me grow as a professional organizer.  Thanks again!

– Meghan Wagner

As the population is living longer and staying more active – they’re also moving on to their preferred type of living situation.  And even though Seniors know what they want for their next step, they don’t often know how to get there!  They need assistance with planning for right-sizing or downsizing, as well as with the actual packing and moving process.  

And that’s where we come in – 

The valuable CSP Transition Specialist course has taught me to better understand the needs of the older generation, while learning how to guide them as they start a new chapter in their lives.  
I now feel prepared to market myself as a Residential Transition Specialist, qualified to help Seniors downsize, right-size or relocate thanks to the wonderful CSP course.  I look forward to adding this important new dimension to my thriving staging business. 

– Rochelle M. Iserson, ASP, RESA

The Residential Transitional Specialist program is one which is very informative and thorough in identifying the unique and challenging needs our clients may present. This designation is like no other in that you get to work with the clients during possibly one of the most stressful and challenging times of their lives while providing a strong, professional, and educated portfolio with which to be supportive and efficient in helping them deal with these challenges.

– Michelle Allen

Kayana Designs

I recently completed the Residential Transition Specialist course to establish a niche for my business that is underserved in my area.   I’m a first year CSP graduate currently networking with real estate agents to establish a core business in my area.  The properties that benefit the most from the CSP consultation/showcasing process are 20+ year-old custom-built houses often owned by couples downsizing.  In addition, there are many Senior Living Communities opening in the area for all levels from 55+ Active Communities with single level houses to Luxury Senior Independent Living complexes that transition to memory care. 

– Laura Pruszenski

Simply Modern Staging

The course provided a lot of information on the needs of this demographic for all scenarios from aging in place to relocating to a smaller residence, so you are prepared to work with any client.  It also stressed the importance of building a team and included interviews with those team members to demonstrate the total process to become a full-service project manager.  There were many great tips provided for maximizing space in the new location that will be helpful.  By specializing in this niche, you can provide multiple services throughout the process from the consultation/staging to sell the property to planning layouts, decorating the new space and many services in between to increases the average revenue per client.  With the growing competition of stagers in real estate, I highly recommend this course to specialize in a segment that will continue to grow for years to come to differentiate and grow your business.