Residential transitions can be stressful for
both you and your family. Whether you
are remodeling to live independently in
your current home, relocating to a new
home, or deciding what possessions to let
go, keep or hand down, the process can be

Diversa Designs’ team of Certified Residential
Transition Specialists can make remodeling
your existing home, or a transition to a new
home easier for you.  We offer stress-free
solutions and adaptable residential design to
help you age safely and happily in your current
or new home. Together, we work with you, your
family (if desired), and a team of experts to find
the right solutions to empower you to take charge
of where and how you live.


Choose from our services below:

    • Assessing the safety of your home using Universal Design principles
    • Decorating, redesigning, remodeling or repurposing spaces within your current or new home, including: designing floor plans, functional upgrades, paint selections, and/or purchasing new furniture, art or accessories to compliment your own treasures
    • Guiding the process of deciding what to keep, sell or donate, ensuring you get full enjoyment from the items you value most
    • Set-up of easy and sustainable home organization systems
    • Organizing a valuables appraisal or estate sale
    • Arranging short or long-term storage
    • Staging your existing home to impress buyers with a move-in ready look
    • Dealing with repairs and upgrades prior to listing your home on the market
    • Packing up your current home, and unpacking and settling into your new home
    • Designing a beautiful layout for your new residence that promotes wellness, safety, comfort, function and most importantly, feels like home 
    • And more….

What a pleasure it was to work with you! I imagine it’s very satisfying work. 

I also particularily enjoyed having you as the “solid second opinion” for the things I wanted to get rid of!

The house is becoming lighter (more spacious and less cluttered), more inviting and feels more like the home I knew it could be – all thank yo your great advice and a little work on our part!

– Tracey