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Making a house a “Home”

Whether you are remodeling for independent living, transitioning to a new residence, consolidating households, or streamlining possessions, can be a daunting process. At times like these, having guidance and support can make all the difference.

Let Diversa Designs be your trusted companion through these transitions.

Certified in Living In Place and Residential Transitioning, our team specializes in making home redesigns and transitions smoother. We prioritize understanding your unique needs and challenges to curate safe, beautiful spaces. Our designs foster a safe and comfortable aging-in-place experience within your current or future home.

This Service may Include:

  • Designing inviting layouts for your new or current residence that prioritizes wellness, safety, comfort, and functionality while resonating with your feeling of home.
  • Assessing home safety using Universal Design and Living In Place principles.
  • Redecorating, repurposing, or redesigning spaces, encompassing floor plans, functional upgrades, paint and material selections, and sourcing furniture, art, or accessories to complement your personal treasures.
  • Offering guidance on deciding what to retain, sell, or donate, ensuring maximum enjoyment of cherished items.
  • Establishing sustainable home organization systems for easy upkeep.
  • Coordinating valuables appraisals or estate sales.
  • Facilitating short or long-term storage arrangements.
  • Overseeing repairs and upgrades before listing your home in the market
  • Staging your existing home to captivate buyers with a move-in ready appeal.
  • And much more…

At Diversa Designs, we’re dedicated to helping you create spaces that adapt, evolve, and ultimately reflect the comfort and serenity of a true home, no matter the stage of life.

Contact us today for an in-depth consultation that sets the stage for a uniquely tailored design just for you.

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