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Do you have a vision for your home’s aesthetic and need expert guidance to bring it to life? We turn your vision into a design reality. Whether you seek design advice or a complete creative overhaul, our services have you covered.

Our Specialties Include:
  • Paint Colour Selections
  • Functional Furniture Placement
  • Material Selections: Counters, Plumbing, Lighting, Hardware, Flooring, Tile, And More.
  • Shopping Assistance And Sourcing Services: Furniture, Art, Accessories, And Materials.
  • Art Placement
  • Designer By Your Side 
  • Designing For Health And Wellness
  • Living In Place Designs

Invite us to tour your home, and we’ll provide a range of design solutions. Let’s discuss the functionality of each space, the specific style and ambiance you desire, as well as the crucial elements of scale, balance, and colour in every room. We’ll go the extra mile by adding those finishing accents and décor, ensuring they’re perfectly placed to complete the desired look.

Our Services Offering Includes:

A comprehensive 2-hour consultation to kickstart your design journey, to one-day makeovers, or even having a dedicated designer by your side through each step in the process—let’s embark on this transformational journey for your space, together!

Personalized Shopping Experience

Struggling to find the perfect piece that seamlessly blends with your room’s design? Let us lend a helping hand. 

We will source that unique furniture piece, art, window coverings, tiles, and accessory that will elevate or complete your space. We can accompany you on your shopping trip or take charge on your behalf, saving you valuable time and money in the process


It’s all in the details!

Ready to transform your home into the space you’ve always envisioned? Get in touch with us today and let’s make it happen!