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E-Design Services

Experience Personalized Design & Staging Anywhere, Anytime

With Diversa Designs, distance is no barrier to exceptional design and staging. Our services are seamlessly available through e-design, online consultations, or via FaceTime. Regardless of your location, we believe you and your home deserve the same level of personalized attention and guidance that we offer to our local clients.

Your Vision, Our Expertise, Anywhere You Are

Wherever you call home, let’s connect and craft a plan together. Your home’s redesign project is just a call away from starting its transformation journey. Our commitment to delivering outstanding designs for living or selling remains unwavering, ensuring that distance doesn’t hinder your access to top-notch assistance.

Whether it’s brainstorming ideas, planning layouts, selecting colors and furniture, or need home staging advice, we’re here to make your vision a reality, regardless of where you are located.


Design Genie PKG

A Q&A design service -a personal design consultant at your fingertips. It’s a tailored experience where you get to ask specific questions about your design or decorating challenges and receive expert guidance and advice via shared photos through email. It’s a way to get fresh perspectives, practical solutions, and recommendations to address your unique design dilemmas, all conveniently communicated through a question-and-answer format. This service can also be done via a zoom call with photos to illustrate your concerns, making the advice even more personalized and effective.

Let’s bridge the gap and turn your design dreams into a stunning reality, no matter the distance.

Contact us now and let the transformation of your space begin!




Diversa Designs E-Design Eclectic, Feminine Mood Board
Diversa E-Designs Mood Board
Diversa E-Design INdustrial Home Decor Mood Board
Diversa E-Designs Bohemian Home Decor Mood Board