Vacant Homes: Before and After Staging

The buyer will decide what your property is worth! Staging is strategic marketing to assist the buyers in seeing a space they want to live in and how they would live there. We understand that you may have hesitations towards spending money on a space you are leaving but without having an emotional connection to the space, potential buyers can struggle to see the value of your property. Does a staged home feel different to your buyers? Industry statistics support a resounding yes! Real Estate Staging statistics have shown, staged homes sold on average up to $40,000 over listing price.


Occupied Homes: Before and After Staging

Would you like us to stage your space using furniture and decor you already have? We can mix just a few pieces in from our warehouse to give you incredible results! Give us a call to discuss occupied home staging.


We have been trusted with many design projects over the last decade and we love working with our clients to express their individuality. Our goal is always to create functional, enriching interiors that our clients will love for many years to come.

From a two-hour instant redesign of your space to partnering with you on one room to many rooms.

Colour Consultations

The colour of the walls can make or break a design. These are just a few of the beautiful colours we helped clients choose for their homes.

Did you know that painting the whole house is a daunting task to potential buyers? In choosing the perfect hue and shade, we can even help tie tile and wood tones together creating an inviting space for your buyers. 

Large cream fireplace and built in shelving