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Elevate Your Home’s Appeal with Professional Photo Ready Styling Consultations.

At Diversa Designs, we specialize in transforming houses into irresistible homes that sell. Our expertise in residential marketing and preparing your property makes us a trusted name in Calgary and neighboring areas. We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your specific requirements and budget. 

Our goal is singular: to maximize your home’s resale value.


Staged Loft Area

Redesigning Occupied Homes for an Optimal Return on Your Investment

Did you know that most homes listed for sale are still occupied? We understand the challenge homeowners face when preparing their lived-in spaces for the market. With over 3000 satisfied homeowners served; we alleviate the stress by crafting personalized styling to sell detailed plans. Our consultations ensure your property is prepared for photoshoots and viewings, enabling you to showcase your home effortlessly while living in it.


Picture Perfect Staging Consultations

First impressions are crucial. Invite the best home staging company in Calgary and we will advise on furniture arrangements, curating your decor, and enhancing your home’s visual appeal in just two hours. Imagine your rooms featured in a glossy home decor magazine—our staging techniques make it possible.

Cozy staged bedroom with warm greys and orange pillows
Colourful blue walls in a cozy office

Prestaging Concierge Service

Even in a hot market, the value of a move-in ready home cannot be overstated. From painting and repairs to updates in fixtures, lighting, and furnishings, we ensure vacant properties shine, attracting buyers and maximizing their value.

Understanding your neighborhood’s demographic, buyer expectations, and current trends empowers us to tackle every challenge in preparing your property for sale. From redesigning spaces to selecting and installing fixtures, colours, flooring, and more, we do whatever it takes to ensure your property delivers the highest return on investment.

Colour that sells Consultation

The right coat of paint can work wonders. Colour significantly influences how buyers perceive a property. Our expert guidance on updated “selling” colours ensures your home resonates with potential buyers, enhancing its market appeal.

Choose Diversa Designs to transform your property into a buyer’s dream home—let’s elevate its market potential together!