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As professional Calgary Home Stager I understand how stressful moving can be.  When seniors need to downsize or right size, they face tough decisions about what to keep and what to purge when it comes to a lifetime of treasures. What’s more the decision to leave the family home may not even be their choice.

Canada’s population is aging, with seniors making up a growing share of our total population. With this trend expected to continue for at least the next three decades, it’s time to start thinking more about this group.

As CSPs I am qualified to prepare a client’s biggest and most valuable asset for sale, right from the consultation to the staging and seniors and their families can count on us.  This clientele may need additional services for a smooth transition and we are just the right professionals to help! Let’s look at the services tailored to seniors that add value to the service we provide our clients.

Typically people do not want to deal directly with a myriad of companies and service providers. We have a team of experts to call upon so you will be better positioned to provide specialty services to your clients.  We select those trained and passionate about helping seniors. You’ll need packers, movers, cleaners, professional organizers, landscapers and handymen for repairs. We consider short and long-term storage companies as the new home may not be ready.

We have specialty service companies that will preserve your clients’ memories like a storyteller.  They will use your clients’ pictures and sit and talk with them to put their life story in a book instead of a box.  We partner with auction houses, vintage sellers and estate liquidators who will help your zoomer and seniors wishing to sell their treasures such as crystal, coins, art, etc.  

Like all our clients regardless of age, their needs will differ. We happily stage occupied or vacant home, staging with their existing furniture and décor items or bringing some or all new items.  It can be done and done well!.

‘Aging in place’ is the new buzz phrase.  Why? Not everyone is moving to a senior-supported environment or a retirement community.  Aging in place is popular with Canadians and does not always mean staying in the big home the children grew up in. Seniors may just want or need a smaller, maintenance-free condo or they may be moving to a basement suite in their children’s home.

We tailor your services to best help our clients.

We understand the principles of Universal Design.  Universal Design is “design usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.” [https://universaldesign.org/definition] To ensure the senior is both safe and comfortable in a preexisting space, some changes may have to be made. Integrate Universal Designs to allow free mobility and independence in their new space.

This may be a simple redesign of the floor plan or it may require modifications to accommodate a wheel chair or walker.  A few design features to consider might be:

  • Adding strong contrast: the walls with the door trim; the counters and base cabinets; the chairs and the floor; etc.
  • Replacing carpet and area rugs with non-slip floors durable and strong enough for a wheelchair.
  • Installing high wattage light bulbs and increasing lighting by using nightlights, lamps, under-cabinet lighting as well as handrail and stair lighting.
  • Mobility aids in the bathroom such as walk-in tubs or flush-base showers with hand-held showerheads.
  • Appropriately placed handrails and grab bars weighted for at least 300 lbs. in the bathroom and near the bed.
  • Replace all knobs with lever-style hardware that is easier to grip (doors, faucets, etc.).These come in every design style and do not have to look industrial.

All these design features can be added to create a safe but beautiful and stylish space, a home your senior client can be proud of.

As we specialize in this area, it’s also important to understand the many difficult issues your seniors may be facing. They may be hoarders; be struggling with a huge life change or have physical or mental health issues.  These issues all need to be understood and handled with empathy and special care.

“Canada’s population is aging. The proportion of seniors in the Canadian population

will rise from 16.9%to 21.0% over the next 10 years.” [The Conference Board of Canada-Outlook July 2018]

By working with the Diversa designs team, a team that specializes in senior-move services, we adds diversity to your business and a value-added service for you to offer your clients.  For seniors this can also provide much-needed security and peace-of-mind.